Gingerbread Update for HTC Desire Z

Gingerbread Update for HTC Desire Z
Previously, our ears often hear that the HTC Desire Z will get Gingerbread update in late June, and in the end it did not happen. Maybe this news will treat a little disappointed from the user of HTC Desire Z.

This good news is originated from a report of HTC Germany that wrote "...Today We Can officially confirm - yes". In addition to news from Germany, the news from England is also increasingly clear that there Gingerbread update for HTC Desire Z conveyed through their UK's official Facebook Page. HTC said they had entered the final testing session and will soon launch Gingerbread OTA update for the global device "in the coming weeks"

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If you are an owner of HTC Desire Z and has not received update notifications, you could use a little magic trick by typing *#*#CHECKIN#*#* on your phone dialer or just go ahead into Settings > About Phone to get Gingerbread Update for your HTC Desire Z.

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