Free Farkle Dice Deluxe for Android

Free Farkle Dice Deluxe for Android
Free Farkle Dice Deluxe for Android-The last game we discussed is Captain America for Android (paid game), now thecybergal will share free games for Android platform. In the past, Farkle Dice Deluxe is priced almost $1 ($0.99), but it’s available for free now.

Farkle Dice Deluxe has always been a popular game, not just for phones but it’s also played on the Facebook. Instead you play the real dice and in the end you feel something is missing before using the money (I mean gambling), I think playing Farkle Dice Deluxe in your Android is a wise choice.

Farkle Dice Deluxe for Android is now signed to version 1.1.2. In this version there are at least five fixes, including:
- You can share your score through Facebook and Twitter.
- Bug fixes in scoring with three pairs of unique combinations.
- Add the navigation buttons on the play screen, very helpful for tablet users.
- Updated to How to Play.
- Minor bug fixed and coding optimization, to let the game played smoother.

Oh ya, even free but there are no ads to be seen. Feel interested, aren’t you? Just download free Farkle Dice Deluxe for Android.

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