London Windows Phone App Helps People to Save Their Environment

London Windows Phone App
Actual features of smartphones such as camera, GPS, and internet can be optimized not only for personal purposes but also for the public interest.

In London, these features-which combined with London Windows Phone App-can be used by citizens to participate in protecting the environment by reporting vandalism, litter, and other disorders by taking pictures of the disturbing things and upload it to a public message board that can be used as a reference by the authorities to take an action.

Using the London Windows Phone app, people can more easily to participate actively to the preservation of their environment. It really shows the benefits of technology in the real life of a community. The results are very clear, the town has reduced graffiti by 73% and response time has gone from 2.5 days to just about 0.5 days.

But, maybe for some people when saw some garbages on the street they will choose to bring it up. It is exactly like the action will I take when I saw the same thing. How about you?

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