Motorola Dinara, the Next Product After Droid Bionic

Motorola Dinara, the Next Product After Droid Bionic
After we discussed rumors about iPad 3, this time thecybergal will provide rumors again. This rumor comes from Motorola which reportedly will add one more Android device after Droid Bionic.

One such device is the Motorola Dinara, the next product after Droid Bionic. If Droid Bionic announced at CES can make a breakthrough by becoming the first dual-core mobile device for Verizon's LTE network, so the successor-Motorola Dinara-can also create a new breakthrough in mobile phone specification.

Before discussing about the specifications of the Motorola Dinara, let's briefly look at its codename. Dinara is actually the name of a mountain range. It seems that Motorola really liked the philosophy of the mountain because they often use the names of the mountain as a codename for their products (Atrix, Xoom, Etna, etc). Well if you do not care about the codename used by Motorola as you feel curious about the specifications, then the quote below is expected to be able to answer your curiosity.

TI Processor (presumably some dual-core OMAP4)
"HD" Screen (probably qHD, but maybe higher resolution)
13 MP rear and VGA front cameras
Thinner and lighter, bigger screen, but same size as Bionic
Internal (non-replaceable battery)

Thats glimpse of the discussion about Motorola Dinara, once again thecybergal conveys that spec above may be true, and may be wrong because this is just a rumor. We will provide the latest updates so the news can be a valid and reliable. Cheers...
Source: androidcommunity

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