Spice Mobile M-67 3D Review

Spice Mobile M-67 3D Review
Spice Mobile M-67 3D is the first 3D mobile phone in India. The 3D mobile phone has been supported auto-stereoscopic display that can help you see the 3D image as the original object. The nicest feature is its ability to display 3D images and videos without requiring you wear special glasses.

Another feature of the Spice Mobile M-67 3D is support for two SIM card slots. You can use two SIM cards from different carriers simultaneously without the difficulty anymore. Spice Mobile M-67 3D has dimensions of 50.7 x 115 x 12.6 mm and total weighs only 70 grams.

To entertain the owners, Spice Mobile M-67 has been supporting 3D Video Player, MP3 Player, and also FM Radio. In addition there are also 3D shortcut key that allows you to switch from 2D mode to 3D mode and vice versa.

The following are the technical specifications of the Spice Mobile M-67 3D:

Display Screen: 2.4 inch
Camera: 2MP
WiFi: No
3G: No
Bluetooth: Yes
FM Radio/MP3/MP4 Player: Yes
Expandable Memory: 16GB
Java Support: Yes
Talk Time: 4.5 Hrs
Hehe, when converted into dollars, thecybergal still don’t know what the price of Spice Mobile M-67 3D but local prices in India is approximately Rs 4299. If you are interested with this phone, please calculate the amount in the dollar exchange rate…

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