Rolling Back From Gnome3 to Gnome2

Rolling Back From Gnome3 to Gnome2
Nowadays, GNOME2 desktop shell which consist metacity, gnome-panel, notification-daemaon, and nautilus has been replaced by GNOME3. GNOME3 itself has some features like, simplicity, The Activity view feature, built-in messaging, etc.

Overall, we can say that GNOME3 is an improvement which very worth to tried by GNOME2 users. However, as we know that nothing is perfect. It can also be encountered in GNOME3 such as problem on lost of icons on the desktop, gnome-panel can not run, and so on.

These problems sometimes make you think to re-use GNOME2. Then, how do we roll back from GNOME3 be GNOME2? Just read the rest of this entry, and practice it on your Linux of course…

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:lkjoel/dggnome3
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dggnome3
sudo reboot

For a while maybe you will be using GNOME2 until GNOME3 completely problem-free or you may prefer to feel the ups and downs together with GNOME3. It all depends completely on you. Cheers…

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