Make a Torch from Android

Make a Torch from Android
Tiny Flashlight + LED is an Android application that can make your LED flash from your camera shining like a flashlight. Very simple, but if we consider about the benefits of this app I think this will be a must-have application.

Tiny Flashlight + LED has several advantages, including:
  • The very important from this application is free.
  • Support many types of mobile phones with different camera LED (flash).
  • It’s the brightest flashlight applications because it emits very intense light in the dark.
  • Have a light color, etc...

The light source of Tiny Flashlight + LED obtained from:
  • Camera LED Light-using your LED lights to emit the light. On some devices that do not have the LED Lights, then there is still another alternative by using screen light.
  • Screen light-is a standard white light from the screen but is bright enough for everyday use. It also saves your battery energy.
  • Warning Light, Police Light, Color Light-the different light sources and can be used in different conditions.

That’s all a short review of Tiny Flashlight + LED for Android, if you are interested you can download from the Android Market through the link below.
Download Tiny Flashlight + LED.
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