Make Free Calls Using Android

Make Free Calls Using Android
Did you know if Android phones can be used to make free calls. Free, Thecybergal means here is free to calling and texting. If curious, let's continue the discussion on the make free calls using Android.

This paper I took from To make free calls using Android, you do not have to root your device. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to make calls.

For mobile devices, it is advised to use Android 2.2 Froyo or later, whereas for the tablet device you’re recommended to use Android 3.2 or later. Previously, thecybergal remind all risks that might exist entirely be your responsibility. If you agree, please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have a Google or Gmail account. Register here.
  2. Install Google Voice App to your Android phone.

  3. Install SipDroid app to your Android phone.
  4. Also please install GVoice Callback app to your Android phone (All these three apps have been already available on Android Market).
  5. Sign up to Sip2Sip and wait for their confirmation email (Via computer, not your Android devices).
  6. Once you got the email, open SipDroid from your Android phone and enter the credentials bellow (give the same data when you sign up on the previous step Sip2Sip):
    • Authorization Username: {Username you choose}
    • Password: {Password you were given}
    • Server or Proxy:
    • Domain:
  7. Sign up to IPKall, using the same data like above.
    • Choose your account type: SIP.
    • Choose Area Code for you IPKall Number: (Optional, you will not actually use these numbers).
    • SIP username: {same as you use for SipDroid}.
    • Hostname or IP address:
    • Email address: {same as what you used for SipDroid}.
    • Password: {same as what you used for SipDroid}.
  8. Immediately check your email as you will get an email with your new IPKall phone number and login information.
  9. Sign in to Google Voice and enter your IPKall number as your forwarding number.
  10. Have Google call to confirm the number and enter the confirmation code.
  11. Open up Google Voice on your phone and go through the setup process, making sure you choose "Do not use Google Voice to make any calls" (we will use GVoice Callback).
  12. Open up the GVoice Callback app, login with your Google info and choose your IPKall phone number as the callback number.
  13. On your phone go to "Menu > Settings > Wireless & Network > Wi-Fi Settings > Advanced > W-Fi sleep policy" and change the setting to "Never". This will allow you to still receive calls when your screen turns off.
  14. ENJOY FREE CALLING using your Android phoen! As long as you have a wi-fi connection, you can make unlimited free calls in the US.
That's all the trciks to make free calls using Android phone. Tell us your own experiences.

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