Chickie Dominos for Android

Chickie Dominos
Chickie Dominos, a game which is also known as "Chicken Foot" is a simple domino game but very entertaining. As the name suggests, Chickie Dominos has 3-toe pattern that makes each round of domino fun because you can three dominoes if the situation allows.

Some tips for you:
  • Opponent's dominos count: It's shown at the top of the screen when it's the opponent's turn. Now it's also shown in the score screen too.
  • Tutorial: Just use the Back button if you didn't understand or the text scrolled by to quickly.
  • Score screen: tap the egg in the top left, to get to the score screen at any time.
  • Lots more, in the 5 minute interactive Tutorial! Just tap 'Learn to Play'.
Yup, it's just a few quick tips that can be provided by thecybergal. Some people ensure that you will quickly become fans of dominoes in less than five minutes after seeing an interactive tutorial. At least that's what developers wrote Chickie Dominos about.
Download Chickie Dominos

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