Spam Filter Added by Google Voice

Spam folder is now almost available on every mail services. Spam folder is assigned to filter spam messages like peddling pills, x-rated services, Nigerian scam, and so on.
Spam Filter Feature On Google Voice
Now, the same thing will you find on the Google Voice. Yup, Spam Filter already added by Google Voice and it works automatically. As in Gmail which filters spam before it go to your inbox folder, spam filter at Google Voice also blocked unwanted calls before it reaches your phone. You do not need to push the "Report Spam" button any more on the Google Voice.

To avoid misidentification by the Spam Filter on Google Voice, you can easily unblock certain number by clicking the "Not Spam" button in your spam folder.

If you wanna try Spam Filter feature on Google Voice, just download it using the QR code bellow:

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