Canon iP 1800 Resetter

Dear bloggers
Have you refilled your Canon cartridge? How about the result? Does it back to normal condition or become the abnormal machine? If the second condition happened to you, read the following tutor carefully…
First step [machine reset]:
  1. Turn off the printer and pull out the power cable from the socket
  2. Press and hold POWER button [keep on this position]
  3. Get the power cable into the electrical socket
  4. Press RESUME button twice
  5. Release the POWER button

Those are Ink Tank Full Error Reset

Second step [software reset]:

  1. Download the resetter [GeneralTool.Exe] here
  2. Extract into your printer folder, e.g.: C:\iP1800
  3. Ensure there are no read-only files in this folder
  4. Start GeneralTool.Exe
  5. Open Lock Release in this tool [min resolutions are 1024 X 728]
  6. Choose your printer model on Set Destination dropdown menu
  7. Give checklist sign in the CLEANING and EEPROM CLEAR
  8. Click MAIN and PLATEN
  9. Prepare a piece of paper, then click TEST PATTERN 1

That’s all this tutorial, see u latter…