SE K750i [tips & trick]



See the date of manufacture of your mobile: to just look at the code on the white sticker with the back of your battery above the “made in Clouded”. For example, 04W06 means the 6th week of the year 2004.

To reach the hidden menus: > * < < * < * (> = right and < = left).

To reach the menu of desimlockage of your mobile: < ** <

To put profiles it quickly quiet: long support on key “#”.

Short cuts keyboard towards the menus: when you are on the screen of the menus the keys of the keyboard, according to their positioning a stiff access to the various menus allows. By ex, “messages” = 5, “adjustments” = 7, etc .....

If you want to note the address of a Web site (or other notes) you open to it block-note of Windows on your PC, type the bond or your text, record, then to send towards K750i. You will retrouvrez your file in menu > administrative of files > Web pages > recorded pages.

To send a S.O.S in Morse: “finely” > “organisor” > “lighting”.

To quickly leave a play or an application: support a long time on “return” (the key right with the top from the 1) and select “to reduce” or “to leave”.

To quickly know the level of your battery: appuiyez on the button volume on the side right after having deverouiller.


To cut the ringing at the time of the reception of a call: to support on “+” or” - “when the Tel. sounds. The incoming call will continue to appear in green on your screen. You can also press on #.

To prevent your interlocutor from hearing to you during a call: long support on the key “C”.


Advance fast without reading it video (or mp3): to go in the reader media, video surligner with reading it and maintaining the joystick towards the line. That makes it possible to go into reverse starting from the end of the video (impossible function in reading mode).

To see a video in accelerated: to support on > during the reading. You must absolutely pass by the media player not by the manager of files.

To see a video with the idle: To support on top during the reading. Does not go if you pass through the explorer of files it is necessary to pass through the reader media.

To capture an image of a video: to put in pause and to go in “others” and there you have “to capture the image”. It is then stored in the file “images” and bears the name of the film from which it was extracted.

In video 0 activates/decontaminates it video for mms (low quality).

During the video photograph/, * the flash activates.


When you visualize a photograph in horizontal mode by typing 3 you zoomez and 1 you dézommez on the image. Joystick makes it possible to move on the image.

In photo/video mode to pass directly in macro mode: to press on key 4.

In photo/video mode to pass directly in mode harms: to press on key 7.

In photo/video mode to change the size of your photograph: to press on key 1.

To light/extinguish the flash: to press on the key *.

To move the photographs of the memory of the Tel. towards the memory stick for the transfer on PC: “Others” > “To manage the files” > “To place on card”.

To use the media player when the keyboard is verouille: to press once on the button volume to increase or decrease the sound. A longer pressure amounts passing to the following song.

You can read the photographs taken with your APN on your Tel. if they are on the memory stick, and that whatever their resolution.

If the noise of the APN is cut you can hear and feel the lens to move: it returns to its position by defect when the image is taken. When you note this movement postpones you can recover to move, the photograph is taken.

To remove the sound of the APN: this possibility depends on your firmware. Certain countries interdient the catch of quiet photographs. To try to put the Tel. in quiet mode by making a long support on key “#”.


Vérrouiller/to unbolt the keyboard when one is in the reader media: to support on * then “verouiller”, as if one were on the screen of day before.

The button play/pause located with dimensions left of the phon makes it possible to read/pause without to have connected the pedestrian kit.

To see a MP3 even more extremely than maximum volume: in the equalisor séléctionez the manual mode and move up the 4 bars at bottom.


Keys - and + to make it possible to increase volume and a pressure a little longer makes it possible to change station.

To select the radio as alarm clock it is necessary to connect the helmet and to leave the lit mobile.


To put a MP3 in ringing SMS: finely > adjustment > sounds and alarms > alarm message > then you go on last alarm all in bottom and you make “replaces” > finally you replace it by the MP3 of your choice


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