Ways to Correct a Corrupt Windows Registry [Horace Garrett]

You have determined that your windows registry is corrupted and not working properly. How do you fix your registry errors and get your computer running like it should?
First, perform a system restore. A PC with Windows 2000/XP/Vista should let you open the following use form:

Start- All Problems- Accessories- System Tools- Backup ( System Restore in Vista)

Once it's running, choose a revive point. If you are conscious of the date the issues started, pick a revive point before that date, and then follow prompts.

This should fix your registry, though issues could remain. You may need to go back even further, or there might not be any revive points available if they weren't created

At this point, you'll need to edit the registry and get rid of the mistakes yourself. This article will give you instructions on this long process

If you are well-versed on windows registry and know what you do, open the registry & make your changes. If you do not know ways to open the registry editor, STOP NOW. This can injure your private PC permanently.

The safest and easiest method to repair the registry, even if you work in IT or you're an advanced computer user, is to use a trustworthy registry cleaner program like RegCure

A professional registry cleaner will do the following:

* Backup your registry

* Scan your registry for mistakes and isolate the faulty keys

* Safely fix the issues found

* Get your PC back to normal - even boost its performance!

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