Repair Damaged NTLDR File

How to repair NTLDR file of our system?

On this opportunity, I'll try to answer thus question. The first I'll tell you what NTLDR is. NTLDR (abbreviation of NT Loader) is the boot loader for all releases of Microsoft's Windows NT operating system up to and including Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

NTLDR is typically run from the primary hard disk drive, but it can also run from portable storage devices such as a CD-ROM, USB flash drive, or floppy disk. NTLDR can also load a non NT-based operating system given the appropriate boot sector in a file.
When we open our system directory, and we turn on attributes "show hidden files", we will find the NTLDR file. If the file was lost, deleted or corrupted then the computer will display the message "error NTLDR missing press a key to reboot."

To overcome this problem there are many ways, one of them is using windows xp cd. You must enter the Recovery Console by pressing R when the Windows installation screen appears. The difference is the syntax of command when we have entered the command prompt.

At the command prompt type "copy X:\i386\NTLDR C:\" [Press Enter]. The next step is to restart your PC by typing the "Exit" command. Replace "X" on the above example with the drive path of your CD room drive.
Please note, before you start the repair process, make sure you use the same windows CD version when you installed Windows OS on your computer first time.

Actaully, there is software to repair the damaged NTLDR file. I used fixntldr. This program is very easy to use. To download please click this link fixntldr

That's all, I hope it useful for you. Leave your comments please!

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