Security Tips; The Reasons Why Should Use Normal User

Log on using WIndows Administrator privilege is more efficient when you need to install or uninstall software. You don’t have to enter some password when you did. Administrator has no any restriction about computer system. That’s why some of the effects of the virus freely working when infect users who login using Administrator privilege.

A best practice system administrators should follow is to log on using a normal user account that has no administrator level privileges other than on that system. The Windows administrator should be log on using administrator privilege when the systems have to do using administrator privilege only. This has three distinct advantages:
  1. It reduces the impact a virus can have on your network if your machine becomes infected.
  2. It reduces the chance of accidentally deleting important files and folders or making administrative changes unknowingly.
  3. It ensures the network remains secure even if someone gains physical access to your workstation while you are logged in.
Since Windows 2000 and the earlier OS have the Run As feature, you didn’t need to logon using Administrator privilege when you have some administrator job. Just press the Shift button and right click the program you want to run and select Run as and then insert the username and password from the administrator user.

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