Windows Tips; Repair on IRPStackSize

Hello, this time I will share tips on the Windows system error. It has been taken from my real experience.

Exactly one day ago, when I check the event viewer from my Windows machine I found some errors. It repeated periodically. That's why I want to write this for your Windows tips. The source is Srv, which related to event 2011. When we clicked the report twice (event viewer logs), so we will see the Event Properties like the picture below.

IrpStackSize proeprties

The Description from the Properties above tells us that: The server’s configuration parameter "irpsracksize" is too small for the server to use a local device. Please increase the value of this parameter. I really do not know the direct effects of these Windows errors, but when I shut down the computer, blue screen appears and the computer cannot be turned off.

If you are experiencing the same thing, please do the following Windows tips:
  1. Go to regedit.
  2. Export current registry configuration first, click File > Export and give the name.
  3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services \LanmanServer\Parameters.
  4. In the right pane, double click IRPStackSize or if no one there please create a new Dword value with name IRPStackSize (case sensitive).
  5. In the Base section, select Hexadecimal.
  6. Give a value among 15-50, match your needs. I gave the value 25 on my Windows computer.
  7. Log off and Log in back.
You can check the result when you shutting down your machine. It works in my "Windows machine", hope it work too for you.
Ok, that’s all my computer tips today. Give your feedback for the better Windows tips.

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