Viewing Shared Folders; Network Tips

Hello, meet again with thecyebrgal. Now, I will share tips on how to view shared folders.

This may sound familiar to you, but this network tips is particularly important for me. This stems from my experience, when I use my office computer that was once used by my friend. He (my friend) shares several folders and I want to close some shared folders by my friend for some security reasons.

Surely it will take so long time when we find a shared folder by check is there a hand icon under the folder which is the sign of shared folders. To facilitate you, please go to command prompt and type "net share".

net share;
Click the picuter for detail view

It makes clear view from the shared folders on your computer. But, if you want a more complete you can set it via computer management. Simply write compmgmt.msc on the Run dialog box > System Tools > Shared Folders > Shares. In the right pane, manage your shared folder as you want.

Click the picuter for detail view

You can use right-click on the selected folder for more commands.
Good luck, see you in the next tips.

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