Block Smash: Free Game for iPhone

Block Smash: Free Game for iPhone
Previously, we've discussed Hedgehog Adventure free. Now, there is one more free games for iPhone. This game was created by StephenFoxerGames. Yup, Block Smash is now free after the previously has been tagged at $0.99. Here is a brief description:
  • Block Smash is a fun, exciting, and great game for anyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPod. I highly recommend Block Smash.
  • This reminds of those good days where I tried to go though those thwomps. But this time I AM THE THROMP!!! MUAHAHAHAH
If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, and iPAD which run iOS 3.0 or later, then you can download Block Smash for free via the app store. Download Block Smash via app store.


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