Make Your Own iPhone Wallpaper

Hello, this time thecybergal will share the iPhone application that can help you to make your own wallpaper. Geometrica Visualizer gives you the power to the make your own stunning wallpapers with so much ease and so much fun.
Make Your Own iPhone Wallpaper
In the final version of Geometrica Visualizer (2.1), there are some new things such as:
  • Glowing Particles Fireworks Effect Extra Smooth Graphics Startup in Random Play Mode Startup in Full-Screen Mode.
  • Toggle Full-Screen Mode Using Double Tap 8 Drawing Modes.
  • Change Mode Using 3 Touch Gesture 240 Pre-Settings 12 New Stunning Samples.
  • Change Mode Using Shake Gesture.
  • 8 High Resolution Samples, and more.
If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 3.0 or later then you can try to start making your own iPhone Wallpaper. You can pay $2.99 or try the free version.
And this is the sample video :)

Download Geometrica Visualizer (Appstore link).

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