Windows Tips: Create Virtual Drive

This is included Windows tips. On this chance I wanna share tips about the "command prompt" in Windows.

These Windows tips may have been heard hackneyed, but what's wrong about sharing something to you :D. These tips tell you about how to create a folder path of a drive to be a separate drives.

Let’s take an example:
Folder "G:\Ebook\Linux\PDF Version" is a folder that I access frequently. Address path of the last folder (PDF Version) looks so long.
long path address
So I plan to make the long path address to be a short one (H:\).
Look at the both addresses above, drive H:\ absolutely short and easy to type in the command prompt Windows than the first one.
short path address

So how to make it? Follow these steps:
  1. Go to command prompt (Windows Key + R) and type "cmd" without quotes.
  2. According to the example above, we will change the address G:\Ebook\Linux\PDF Version into drive H:\. Just type the syntax, (subst h:\ "g:\ebook\linux\pdf version") without brackets.
  3. Pay attention about the syntax above, that the virtual drive (H:\) is written before the original drive (G:\Ebook\Linux\PDF Version)
  4. Just that, it's easy isn’t it?
A bit guidance about this virtual drive (H:\):
  • The drives are removed after reboot.
  • Whatever you have done will affect the both drives. Something likes a hidden synchronization.
  • Shadow copies are not created.
  • Deleting the virtual drive deletes only the mapping, not the data.
Be careful, it’s quite useful but you have to be a “smart” user.
Okay, see u on the next Windows tips

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