Windows Tips: Make A New Folder

This is a simple trick, but I think this trick can save you time. Without the long-speaking, I will explain the usefulness of this trick.

In this trick we use "mini software" called "NewFolder". Before we learn any further, I would ask how you create a new folder in Windows Explorer. Probably most of you use the Right-Click > New > Folder in the right pane of Windows Explorer. I think it wastes your time.

You can download the software here. Just simply copy it on your fix HDD, double-click and press install. It will add registry entries for the Windows Explorer right click context menu (right pane Windows Explorer). See the screen shot bellow.

So easy and fast isn’t it? Please try it on your computer and give your feedback. That’s all. I think it is a "simple tips" but very useful. See you again in the next tips. Bye...

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