Amazon Android Tablet Will Be Launched

Amazon Android Tablet Will Be Launched
Amazon Android Tablet Will Be Launched - Prospects of Android tablets on the telecommunications equipment market is quite promising. It read well by Amazon and they will immediately release Amazon Android Tablet. Although no official information from Amazon, some analysts have been predicting about this possibility.

According to Tim Barjain, analyst at Creative Strategies, Amazon will probably sell its first Android tablets for $249. Still according to predictions from the analyst, the cost of production from Amazon Android Tablet estimated at $300. The cheap sale price might be because this is the first moment of the Amazon into a niche tablet.

The next strategy from Amazon to cover the cost of production is likely to boost sales of contents (apps, music, books, etc). Looking at Amazon's track record in business is quite good, but it will probably appear a little pessimism because out there have been many tablets Android offered to customers. Although not completely fill the shelves of gadget stores, is currently the iPad has a best-selling tablet in the world.

If Amazon hopes the sale of content to cover the production costs of the Amazon Android Tablet, then Amazon should know a little fact out there that users prefer to use free applications rather than paid applications.

Let's wait how the continuation of the Amazon Android Tablet. Maybe with this release, the manufacturers will compete to make the device even better and offer a cheaper price.
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