Ubuntu Command to Convert .rpm Packages

Ubuntu Command to Convert .rpm Packages
Packages that we usually encounter are .deb and .rpm. DEBs is packages used for Ubuntu, Debian and related distros, while the RPMs used by Red Hat, Suse, Centos, Fedora and other Linux distributions.

Sometimes when you want to install applications in Ubuntu, the package that you find is .rpm instead .deb. This looks like a problem, but fortunately there is a utility called alien. The task of alien is to change .rpm to .deb.

To install alien, go to terminal and run the following commands:
sudo aptitude install alien
Convert the .rpm packages into .deb:
sudo alien --to-deb anypackage.rpm
Once finished you will get anypackage.deb package that ready to installation.

If you do not want to install alien, then there is still another way by installing .rpm package in your Ubuntu without converting them to .deb:
sudo aptitude install rpm

That's all about Ubuntu command to convert .rpm packages to .deb packages.

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