FastBall 2 Now Arrive At WP7

FastBall 2 Now Arrive At WP7
Games that have been played more than 3 million people have now returned, faster, and more interesting than the previous one. We only control the rolling ball and pass the various obstacles by jumping. There are no enemies that attack the ball, he just needed to get through every obstacle and move on to the next level.

Your job in FastBall 2 for WP7 is simply jumping the ball by tapping the screen with your finger. Skip level by level with good timing, concentration, and make the right choice to follow the direction to be taken to complete each level. Fastball 2 for Windows Phone has 120 levels divided into 4 levels packs.

Some of the features offered FastBall 2 for Windows Phone like:
  1. FastBall 2 for Windows Phone is free.
  2. Speed zones, long jump blocks, and direction signs. These features are not found on the FastBall 2 earlier version.
  3. You can play games in different themes: cartoon and futuristic. More themes will be added in the game update.
  4. The new token feature allows you to jump from one level to other levels anytime from the ingame pause menu. You will not get annoyed when you see stumped on a level road. Token will be obtained after passing through the 5 levels.
If you want to try, you can this link to download FastBall 2 from Market Place. Enjoy.

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