Foursquare For Android Gets Update

Foursquare For Android Gets Update
Foursquare for Android gets update – The last Foursquare update we discussed was Foursquare alpaha 3.0 which brings BBM integration. Today we will discuss Foursquare updates for Android, which this is the update version 2011.08.11.

What’s new in this Foursquare update?
  1. New redesign for titlebars and tabs, check in button added to titlebar.
  2. Explore redesigned with specials and more.
  3. Added support for managing Facebook and Twitter sharing from Settings page.
  4. Venue photos gallery redesign.
  5. Share photo with venue when checking in.
  6. Added option to save photos to SD card from Settings page.
  7. Viewing items in notification tray clears push notifications in notification manager.
For those of you who do not know what Foursquare was, might be this little explanation will help you find the answer. Foursquare is a social networking site which allows you to share where you are based on your mobile phone. That's all my brief explanation ^_^.

Download Foursquare 2011.08.11 from Android Market.


  1. great! But not working today, frustrating cause I can't check in to where I've been.