LG Optimus Sol Runs Android 2.3.3

LG Optimus Sol Runs Android 2.3.3
With the growing importance of energy saving activities, then the phone producers will try to make phone that is environmentally friendly. There is a new name might support such activities. LG Optimus Sol is a solar-powered mobile phone. Perhaps the name is short for Solar.

LG Optimus Sol runs Android 2.3.3, has a solar panel in the back. May the innovation of LG Optimus Sol this stimulate other vendor to implement similar innovations. In addition to running the Android 2.3.3, LG Optimus Sol also use Ultra-AMOLED screen. Ultra-AMOLED is the solution from LG to make the screens of their mobile phone remains to be seen easily under the sunlight.

For specifications of the LG Optimus Sol is a processor 1GHz Snapdragon 2nd generation, 2GB of internal storage, and 512MB RAM. It has a VGA camera on the front and a 5MP camera in the back that can record VGA video at 24 fps.

Ultra-AMOLED screen of Optimus Sol will have a 3.8-inch wide with a resolution of 800x480. If you remember Airplay from Apple, then Optimus Sol offers the DLNA, a feature that allows you to pushing media to a TV or other devices wirelessly. In addition, Optimus Sol also offers a new power management solution that claimed to save energy 20-30% when idle.

LG Optimus Sol will be ready in Europe in mid-September and later in Central America and South America. LG Optimus Sol estimated at around 300 euros.
Source: AndroidAuthority.