HP Pre 3 Released in Europe

HP Pre 3 Released in Europe
There is good news for smartphone running webOS lovers. Having previously busy talked, now HP Pre 3 was released in Europe as a SIM-free device. You can obtain the 8GB HP Pre 3 at a price of £299.00 and shipping process will take 1-2 working days. This information refers to HP’s online Palm Eurostore.

In addition to the above information, there is a confirmation that the HP Pre 3 can already be touched by UK’s webOS lovers through Box.co.uk (£349.98) and also Clove.co.uk offering HP Pre 3 priced at £360.00 with VAT.

Below is a little quote about the HP Pre 3 specs obtained from Precentral.net:
HP is excited to begin its regional rollout of Pre3, the only phone today that offers users a slide-out keyboard coupled with a large touchscreen and the fastest speed (1.4GHz processor – the fastest on the market). We expect to share additional information for U.S. customers soon.

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