Hulu TV Comes To Japan

Hulu TV comes to Japan - It looks that the development charts from Hulu Plus continues to move upward. This was concluded based on the fact that Hulu supports more Android devices now. Besides that, Hulu’s success indications were been seen since Hulu expands their services to Japan later this year.
Hulu TV Comes To Japan

Through Hulu’s blog, they explain that the access expansion to Japan because the similarities desire between entertainment fans in the U.S. and Japan. Hulu TV comes to Japan at the end of this year will likely get a warm welcome from the Hulu community in Japan cuz for the first time they can enjoy a variety of premium movies and popular TV shows that can be viewed through the four devices, PCs, HDTVs, smartphones, and tablets.

Hulu TV has opened an office in Tokyo. They have a team dedicated to designing and running the Hulu services and will work hard to complete preparations for launch later this year.
Are Japanese customers will choose premium TV service offered by Hulu, or would they prefer to use their Internet infrastructures to get entertainments in global scale? Just wait n see...

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