Linux Backup in Easy Ways

Through this post I will share a steps in Linux backup in easy ways. Distro I use is Ubuntu Linux which is compatible with their motto. Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings! Hay, I also posted VirtualBox installation in Ubuntu. Check it too guys.

Here are the steps in Linux backup in easy ways:
  1. Go to the search bar and type "backup" to display everything related to backups. In this paper we will use the Simple Backup Suite.
  2. In the General tab, set the general configuration of the backup process that you want. This is about when to schedule backups to be run, what format you'll use, and whether you want to split the results of your backups.
  3. Select the Include tab to add files and folders that you want to include in backups. Usually the default options are correct for most users.
  4. If you want the file or folder to not be backed up, then select the file and folder on the Exclude tab.
  5. On the Destination tab, you’ll set the locations to store the backup results. If your computer hard drive is less, you can use the network to store your backups.
  6. Schedule tab is used to create a regular schedule the backup process. This schedule will run automatically and will not interfere with your daily work.
  7. When all the configurations has finished, click the diskette icon to save the changes you’ve done. The final step is to click the drive icon to start the backup process.

That's all about Linux backup in easy ways, if you have set the backup schedule well then you do not need to open the Simple Backup Suite at a later time. Hope it useful.
Source: CNet.

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