Get More Twitter Followers

Get More Twitter Followers
Twitter is a simple social networking but powerful enough to share important information. You can share your new ideas, funny stories, and blog’s content to others, even the products you sell. All those reasons to be less when you do not have many followers (like me T_T). So, I’ll share a few tips to get more twitter followers.

Do not make flooding tweet or tweet too much. Flooding the timeline of your followers will be a little annoying, especially if the contents of your tweet are less useful. Indeed there is no limit on how much the maximum you share your tweet, but it is obviously like garbage in the flood season.

Do not retweet everything. When there is a tweet on your timeline and it was helpful then you can take advantage of a retweet button. This is very helpful when you do not have something to share, but still hold the number one rule. Do not make flooding tweeter.

Do not speak ill of others. Tweeter covers all types of users with a wide range of diverse religions, cultures, groups. Therefore, never attack others with your tweet. Distinguish when you are joking or serious. Yup, you would know if this rule applies not only in the twitter.

Do not be selfish. When the twitter takes you to a dialog, then create an open dialogue. When there is a follower of you who engage in dialogue with each other, then do not rush to join before you understand the intent and purpose of the dialogue earlier. Just wait and see for some moments may be a wise attitude.

Well, that was a few tips to get more Twitter followers. Hope this is useful for me personally (I’ve just about 16 followers, hope you would like to follow me) and also for you. Do you have any other tips? Share to us please.
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  2. Well, that was a few tips to get more Twitter followers. Hope this is useful for me personally.

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