Malicious Code in Smartphone App

Malicious code in Smartphone apps-Get Smartphone apps from the official store. Maybe that sentence is very appropriate for those of you who frequently download smartphone apps from 3rd party app store.

From the illustration below, we became aware of how dangerous if we downloaded an apps from the 3rd party app store that has no any responsibilities about their customer. Hijackers can download legal apps and then they insert some malicious code in smartphone apps, they make the application as a host for their bad codes to trick users.
Malicious Code in Smartphone App

Once the malicious code embedded into a popular app, they upload the application to a 3rd party app store. After all are done, the hijackers did advertising, phishing, or spam sites, whichever is most effective.

When the users have been using the infected app and they take no care, so the privacy of the users will be immediately leaked. Some malicious code can send SMS and charge wireless carrier in a certain amount. In addition to these horrible things, malicious code also sends to the malicious developers about user's location, contact info, silently download a file, record voice calls, and more.

I'm not saying that all 3rd party app store offers potentially infected app, but I just remind you to be more careful and be more vigilant.
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