Anti Theft App for Android: PhoneLocator Pro

Anti Theft App for Android: PhoneLocator Pro
Nowadays phone is not only used for voice communications. The development of technology allows telephone used to store important information about the business, notes and schedules, or other important matters. For that reason, it would be very dangerous if your phone was in the wrong hands and you should install anti theft applications.

PhoneLocator Pro may be a solution to the above situation. What distinguishes PhoneLocator Pro is that it does not rely on the online interface applications, e-mail or other phone where you can receive info and send commands. PhoneLocator Pro relies on SMS so I think it not suitable for tablets.

Let's describe one by one, the ability of PhoneLocator Pro. It has a standard location feature. Each SMS sent will receive a response regarding where applications are: GPS coordinates, speed, battery level, and altitude, and so on. Another feature is the screen lock that still seems to need a little patch. Another feature is the nearby feature. If you lost your phone at home, you can just send off a message and the phone will ring for you. It can also display the personal info if you lost it in somewhere far away and want it returned.

PhoneLocator Pro also features a kind of auto-destruction. You can delete all your data via SMS. Elimination of this data can also be done automatically after a series of unsuccessful unlock attempts. Call Log feature lets you receive a report of recent calls made on the phone and where the phone was located. To protect itself so that no one else knows, PhoneLocator Pro can be hidden by you. You must send reveal keyword via SMS to make it visible again.

Oh, the price of PhoneLocator Pro is decent cheap when compared with the benefits you will get. PhoneLocator Pro priced at $2.86.
Download PhoneLocator Pro from Android Market.


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