Gmail Calls Now Cheaper

Gmail calls now cheaper-after we discussed the rivalry between Microsoft and Google in the scope of search engines, now we will discuss another competition between Google and Yahoo in email’s scope. This time the topic is a Gmail calls.

Gmail continues to innovate to pursue Yahoo! Mail, one of the steps is to make Gmail calls become cheaper. For you who prefer direct communication with the conversation rather than a modern communications model such as social networking and email certainly very happy with this news.
Gmail Calls Now Cheaper

Cheaper call rate from Gmail call can be felt in more than 150 countries around the world. For example, you will be charged $0.10/min to make Gmail calls to mobile phones in the UK and you just pay $0.02/min to make calls to France using Gmail calls.

In addition to a cheaper price, Gmail call also provides support to more than 38 languages. Consumers who are less familiar with English to be more helped by the language support that Gmail call has. To see a list of new Gmail call prices, please check this link. Oh ya, the calls to US and Canada are done from within the state is still free, while calls from outside the state will be charged $0.01/min.

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