Secure Your Twitter Account

In this world nothing is perfect. Including security issues, surely there is always a gap. Although nothing is perfect, but we can still try to fix it. Therefore, I will share tips for securing your twitter account.

First, create a strong and unique password.
Logon to twitter and click your Account Name and click Settings. Do not use words from the dictionary, date of birth, name of someone special, and try to insert special characters. Imagine this password: th3cyb3rg4liloveit!. Good luck in your attempt to steal the password. Once you find a suitable password, click the Password tab, enter the new/old password, and click Change.
Secure Your Twitter Account

Second, encrypt communications between your browsers with This ensures your communications can not be intercepted by others. On the Settings menu above, scroll down until you see HTTPS Only checkbox in the Account tab. Another alternative is that you can use the plugin from your favorite browser that provides services for encryption.
Third, remove all third-party applications.

Fourth (the last but not insignificant), pray: D.

That's all how should you secure your twitter account. Any additional tips? Share it please.

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