Free Dolphin Browser™ HD 6.0 Final

Free Dolphin Browser™ HD 6.0 Final - Finally, Dolphin Browser™ HD 6.0 Final version released. The browser from Mobotap Inc. complements Dolphin Browser™ HD 6.0 we have discussed several months ago. Dolphin Browser™ HD Final requires Android 2.0.1+.

Some features offered by Dolphin Browser™ HD Final:
  1. Smart Gesture
    Help you to navigate the mobile web easily. You only touched the tip of the finger to open and surf your favorite websites,
  2. Playful add-ons
    Like Firefox, Dolphin Browser™ HD Final also provides many add-ons. Customize your browser with your own style. Just a reminder, never ignore the functionality of your browser to apply your own style,
  3. Elegant Webzine
    Bring out the beauty of the web and with Dolphin Webzine users can experience the web like never before, etc
Dolphin Browser™ HD FinalDolphin Browser™ HD Final 2
Besides the features above, you must also consider the permissions from this app. Dolphin Browser™ HD Final has access to the following:
  1. Coarse (Network-Based) Location.
    This can be used by a malicious application to determine approximately where you are. Tip: Make sure there are no malicious apps in your Android,
  2. Fine (GPS) Location.
    Same as the above consequence, but it may also consume more battery power. Tip: Use the tip above,
  3. Prevent your Device From Sleeping.
    Allow an application to prevent your device from going to sleep, etc
Well, overall Dolphin Browser™ HD Final gets more than 4 stars rating out of 5. If you are interested, you can use this link to download Dolphin Browser™ HD 6.0 Final from the Android Market.

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