BlackBerry Music Service, What’s That?

BlackBerry Music Service, What’s That?
RIM is likely to make new breakthroughs, BlackBerry Music Service. If the news is true, then the BlackBerry Music Service will probably give a bit of vitamins to RIM in the amid of the Smartphone-OS battles which are increasingly frenzied.

According to the news from Ubergizmo, RIM is negotiating contracts with four major record companies in the US. At least one of them is ready to run in cooperation with RIM, while two more companies almost give consent about BlackBerry Music Service.

Not yet known how the BlackBerry Music Service will be applied, but it seems the new breakthrough will be integrated with the messaging service. Hopefully all these rumors will become clear in few next weeks. Thecybergal will try to provide updates related to the BlackBerry Music Service.


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