Zombie Shooter Free for Android

Some time before, we’ve discussed pumpkin vs monster v1.7 for Android. Now, we will discuss free Android Games: Zombie Shooter. This game does not require you to survive in the midst of a zombie, but this game actually requires you to hunt the zombies.

Zombie Shooter free does not require you to touch the screen when played. Thing you need is a gravity sensor/accelerometer. Features of Zombie Shooter:
  • 9 different weapons and items!
  • Easy, medium, and hard difficulties.
  • Global ranking available!
  • Leader boards, Facebook support, etc.

Get a high score, and then you can compete with your friends by uploading your hight score to OpenFeint. Because this Zombie Shooter is a lite version, then you can only play 14 different levels of the 21 existing levels.
Download Zombie Shooter Free for Android.

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