iPhone App Review: Amazon Student App

iPhone App Review: Amazon Student App
At this time we will post an iPhone app review, Amazon Student App (free app). From the name we’ve got some explanations that this application is intended for the students. Amazon Student App will help the students to check the price of textbooks instantly, make a list of books to be purchased and offers books that they already use to other users.

The main feature of Amazon Student App for iPhone is its ability to make the iPhone camera into a barcode scanner. These scanners feature allows students to use their smartphones to check prices on books, music, DVDs, electronics, apparel and "just about anything else," using their phone, says Amazon.

Another interesting feature of the Amazon Student App is Amazon "Trade-in" feature. Through this feature student can check their items' trade-in value and choose to sell those items they no longer need to other students. As the wages of their sales, students will earn Amazon gift cards. Gift cards, I think it appropriate to give to students rather than cash. However the task of students is learning not to make money :). Would try it? Download Amazon Student App for iPhone.
Via: Techcrunch.

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