Android YouTube App Gets Update

Android YouTube App Gets Update - YouTube app is an application used to play videos from online streaming site, YouTube. YouTube App for Android recently updated to 2.2.14 which brings additional features and bug fixes as usual.
Android YouTube App Gets Update

Additional features of the Android YouTube App 2.2.14 are:
  • The new UI design that so eyecatching.
  • In-page playback (read comments while video is playing).
  • Personalized homescreen video feed.
  • Brand new player controls.
  • Rotate for full-screen playback.
Additionally, Android YouTube App 2.2.14 also allows users to edit the title, privacy, and a description of the videos they uploaded. Users can also create a new playlist, edit, and delete the playlist at any time while using the Android YouTube app to stream music from their Android devices.

The best feature from Android YouTube App 2.2.14 according to a review of the users is the ability to play music and turn off the screen of the Android devices to conserve battery life.
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