Android Custom Splash Screen

Android Custom Splash Screen

Android custom splash screen uses an application called BootFlash. This application was developed by XDA forum member, vinvinvinster. BootFlash is very suitable for you who like to change the splash screen regularly and want to do it in a simple way, without requiring a computer.

BootFlash makes custom splash screen installation by taking a picture stored on your phone. BootFlash can be used in different ROMs and you can create a custom splash screen at any time according to your taste. For a while Thunderbolt, Desire HD, HTC Inspire 4G, Vision, G2, Desire Z, Evo 4G, and HTC Droid Incredible are the phones that compatible with BootFlash. If you have other mobile phones outside the above list, please don’t use the BootFlash.

Download BootFlash to make custom splash screen on Android.


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