Max Go, Cinemax’s HBO Go

Max Go, Cinemax’s HBO Go
Max Go has similar function to HBO Go. Using Max Go, subscribers of Cinemax premium TV service can now watch their favorite Cinemax shows on the go using their Android Devices.

Max Go offers more than 400 movies that can be enjoyed Cinemax's subscribers and also a program that can’t be ignored is a Max After Dark series. All you can enjoy wherever you are via your Android device.

For now, Max Go can only be accessed in the US and certain areas in the US. If you have 4G connection on your Android device, then it is more than enough to streaming movies using Max Go because Max Go just needs a stable 3G connection. Download Max Go from Android Market.


  1. I am subscribed to Cinemax and decided to try out MAX GO. I must say I am enjoying the experience. Cinemax has a host of great shows and movies. Check out the Cinemax website for the lineup of the programs.